Step 1: Prevent tarnish from developing.

Sterling silver, gold plated and gold fill items react to their environment. Some reasons for tarnishing:

  • long exposure to sulfur in the air

  • humidity

  • extreme or harsh direct lighting

  • ocean air

  • personal body chemistry

Solution: Keep jewelry in an airtight baggie or a case that is lined with anti-tarnish material.


Step 2: Protect your jewelry.

Tips for protecting your jewelry:

  • put jewelry on AFTER you have used lotions, hand sanitizer, perfumes, hair products, etc.

  • do not wear in water (shower, bath, pools, hot tubs, ocean and lakes)

  • remove jewelry during physical activities that can cause scratching, dings and excessive wear and tear.


Step 3: Polish your jewelry as needed.

  1. Use a sterling silver jewelry polishing wipe or cloth. Make sure to follow the directions carefully. Most jewelry wipes are NOT safe for freshwater pearls and other delicate stones. We love Connoisseurs Gold & Silver Dry Disposable Jewelry Wipes (available at both of our shops).

  2. Use a bath of baking soda, aluminum foil and hot water to polish sterling silver. See photos below! Line a heat proof container with aluminum foil (shiny side up), lay jewelry on the foil, sprinkle liberally with baking soda, and add near boiling water. Allow few minutes to soak, then rinse jewelry well to remove any residue. Pat dry.