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sea glass

Sea glass, also known as beach glass, is any glass that has eventually

found its way to a body of water that has a sufficient combination

of surf, sand and stone. 

These elements tumble the glass until it is frosted and smooth.

sterling silver

Sterling silver is a metal alloy which is a combination of metals. 

Sterling silver is made up of 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent alloy which is typically a blend of zinc and copper. 

gold filled 

Gold filled jewelry purchased from Sea Glass Jewelry Studio

consists of a sterling silver base coated with a layer of gold. 

This jewelry has a much thicker gold coat than gold plated jewelry. 

Considered hypo-allergenic, it is unlikely to aggravate skin conditions.

freshwater pearl

A freshwater pearl is found inside freshwater dwelling mussels.

Freshwater ponds and lakes are home to the mussels that grow the pearl

similarly to its saltwater cousin.

For the freshwater pearl, the mussel is inserted with a foreign material

that the mussel cannot expel.

To protect itself from the agitation of the foreign object,

the mussel coats the object with a silky nacre

which in time forms into a satiny freshwater pearl. 


Chalcedony is part of the quartz family with a cryptocrystalline structure

which is made up of natural silicon dioxide.

The stone itself is compact with a tight structure and can be

polished into a smooth gemstone.

stones are generally semi-transparent

or even translucent due to their crystal structure. 

our chalcedony stones are often blue, green and aqua/

precious metal clay (PMC)

PMC consists of microscopic particles of silver suspended in an organic binder

to create a pliable material with a consistency similar to modeling clay.

PMC can be worked to create a vast range of forms and surfaces that would be unattainable or laborious with traditional techniques.

When heated to a high temperature, the binder burns away and the metal particles fuse to form solid metal. 

end result is a piece of jewelry that is made of fine silver. 



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